Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Essbase licensing: no fee for additional Essbase servers, really?

This is the greatest news I can remember about licensing for Hyperion since Oracle started giving away Integration Server and the Essbase API. It turns out that one of my current customers was able to add another production Essbase server without paying any additional licensing fees to Oracle. So it finally looks like there is a benefit to the licensing model that years ago took away concurrent user pricing. It looks like Oracle is satisfied with charging a per user fee so they no longer will charge for additional production servers and development servers. Do you remember the day's in which a development Essbase server costed in excess of 10k? Now we are just waiting for Financial Reporting studio to output directly to Excel workbooks.....

Check with your Oracle sales rep. The details / paperwork is a little fuzzy as to which customers can add as many Essbase servers as they want for free. Chances are if you've recently purchased / upgraded your Essbase / Hyperion, this is now an option. So if you're currently running version 11 this is likely to be the case.

Rumor has it that Oracle EPM 11.1.2 is coming out very soon....



Unknown said...


Isn't this just regular Oracle licensing practice? Either you license per-CPU, which means that you license every single CPU on every single server, whether it be development, production or whatever.

Otherwise you license per-named-user, which means that you get to use as many servers as you like, but the number of people who can use those servers (including developers, users, whatever) is restricted to how many you have licensed (and you have to name them on the license agreement).

Named User is usually cheaper for smaller deployments, or ones with a particularly large amount of servers or CPUs, but there usually gets to a point where for medium to large deployments, per-CPU is cheaper.



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