Tuesday, June 19, 2007

who installed your system 9? did you get any documentation?

Beware of who's performing your install of hyperion system 9.

I have a client that has just been swindled by paying for 3 full days of install time for an infrastructure person from a hyperion preferred partner, yet got no documentation. There was material deemed as confidential or proprietary to the firm.

I know for a fact that some config files were changed and also that scripts were run on the sql server side. These scripts created some tables and user id's. These are items that would have been performed during the hyperion installs but these guys chose to write their own scripts. Their install could not be reproduced by the client (me) since these steps and scripts were not provided when asked for.

Due to the fact that no documentation will be forthcoming, the servers are going to be reimaged and I'll perform the installs myself fully documenting all server settings required to get everything up and running.

The environments need to be reimaged for 2 reasons. Our dev environment is coming online and this firm was not going to be used to stage that environment. This would then mean that our 2 environments were not installed in the same manner. There would be inherit differences between them. Future applications of patches would not yield the appropriate comfort level that a patch that worked in dev would also work in production without issue.

Apparently an important discussion to have with your hyperion preferred partner (really any consultant or consulting firm) is:

"Will we get full documentation as to how / what is installed on our servers?"

"Anything that is run on our servers is our (clients) property."

"There will be no running of scripts on our servers that we will not receive."

thoughts or modifications?

I was thinking something short and sweet. Not too much legal stuff to require lawyers.


hyperion system 9.3 patch 1- license server is dead

~July 27 release date.

Before performing any installs / upgrades make sure you take into account the death of the license server. I think anyone who's done any backend Hyperion installs has grown to loathe this tool. It can take weeks to get this configured only to find out you're missing a feature you paid for.

It looks like IE7 is going to make it into this patch level.