Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So you're running Hyperion Planning, you think you have Essbase, right?

I have discovered a common theme in implementing Hyperion Planning. The customers are thinking they are getting Essbase when they buy Hyperion Planning. This is kind of true. Essbase is the back end of Hyperion Planning and Planning cannot work without Essbase. But, the customer cannot use Essbase if Planning is not connected to the database.

At the moment, you can build a native Essbase application in hours or minutes. Building the same application via Hyperion Planning using the tools to update the metadata layer takes significantly longer and this also requires the dreaded refresh process.

Another feature that is unavailable is the ability to make stand alone aggregate storage Essbase applications. These applications can come in quite handy when trying to squeeze consolidations into a limited processing window.

So, the moral of the story is that during your software negotiation process, make sure you have a specific line item that says you have native Essbase. Or, call your sales rep and see if they'll allow you to use Essbase without Hyperion Planning.