Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hyperion Consulting Market is very hot right now...

Right now the Hyperion consulting market is very hot. Some projects I've recently had to pass on were:

  • a 3 week hal project
  • a simple 3 week system 9.3 essbase upgrade
  • another system 9.3 essbase / reports install
  • 2 different planning architect roles.
  • a senior HFM architect role (DC)
I can help reduce your downtime between projects. I'm looking for very senior level independents out there that specialize in Hyperion. If you're a senior level independent consultant and would like another tool to help keep the downtime at a minimum, I'd encourage you to send me an email. I've even had to go outside and have my customer use a generic recruiter because we needed extra help. Right now my primary recruiting focus is top tier independent Hyperion talent (5 yrs exp+). I'm also gathering folks that are full time admins or consultants looking for a change of scenery. I get a call every few weeks from customers looking for full time admins. While my primary focus is being a hands on consultant (to pay the bills), I believe I can provide value in filtering out the really good projects for other independents out there. Just think how much more we can make (independents) if we could reduce the number of middlemen between us and the customer. I had one project where there were 3 middlemen. I got the rate I was looking for but was the customer really getting the best bang for the buck?