Wednesday, May 11, 2011

books to read...

I have received a few comments asking about what books to read. Sorry to say but I cannot recommend any books because I have not handled any of them personally to recommend a book. That doesn't mean that what's out there is not good.
What makes Hyperion a bit overwhelming in the beginning is that you really need to learn 2 parts, Essbase and Hyperion Planning. To be able to build Hyperion Planning systems that will actually work you really need to have an understanding of Essbase. Once you learn Essbase, Planning will come easy. In either case, the Oracle administrator and developer documentation is available online. Before buying anything, I'd digest what's available online. Online content consists of:
-Oracle documentation
-news groups
-web sites that google takes you to

-official Oracle documentation. There are different features depending on the version of the software you are looking at. The 2 most relevant versions now are:
Oracle (Hyperion) system">

Oracle (Hyperion) system 11.1.2
-news groups
Public technical Hyperion:
Public Oracle discussion for Oracle business intelligence:

-web sites

-free online web sessions to discuss Hyperion topics

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What is the best version of Hyperion EPM System 11 right now? 11.1.2 patched

Now that a patch has been released for 11.1.2, this would be a good time to avaluate starting your project with 11.1.2. There are some nice planning features like being able to add validation of web form submissions without performing any custom java.

I have worked on 11.1.2 on 2 projects now and have had some serious issues with the unpatched version.

As far as upgrading to 11.1.2, I would think of this as a capability of a .0 release software. Meaning, yes it says it does it but this has not been patched yet so you should not expect a perfectly seamless upgrade.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What is the best version of System 11 right now?

System or 11.1.2?

While System 11 is out for 11.1.2, there have not been any patches released yet. If you are going live very soon, you should go with (with patches).

If however, you are starting a project that will go live in 6 months you could go with 11.1.2 then plan on implementing the patch when it comes out in the next 1-2 months. It looks like the patch has been delayed a few months already.